Eucalyptus Nicoly Tree

Eucalyptus nicholii, commonly known as the narrow-leaved black peppermint or willow peppermint, is a Eucalyptus tree native to New South Wales. The tree is small to medium-sized with rough bark, persistent to small branches. The bark is fibrous, coarsely fissured longitudinally, yellowish-brown to grey-brown with red-brown under-layers becoming smooth and grey on outer branches and shedding in short ribbons. It is a long lived tree that grows to 15 meters.


Dimension: 130 – 180 – 200 cm.


PNI/1130  130h cm. green – PNI/2130 130h  cm. bordeaux

PNI/1180  180h cm. green – PNI/2180 180h  cm. bordeaux

PNI/1200  200h cm. green – PNI/2200 200h  cm. bordeaux

Available colors: green and bordeaux.

Our trees are made by natural plants that have been treated by a special, 100% eco friendly preservation liquid. Due to this no need any mantenence, the trees do not require water and sunlight.

Keep it in ideal humidity (40% – 65%) to enjoy the natural aspect.

Only for indoor use.

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